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I've really enjoyed using and adapting ideas from great books like Blowing Away The State Writing Assessment (BATSWA)., Words Their Way, and many others.

A favorite Language Arts Lesson that I adapted is Vocabulary Day. As we begin learning about Vocabulary day, we start off reading, Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster. We select words to study, and after we study these words, students dress as their word meaning, weparticipate in various vocabulary activities, and students teach the class their word. 

I also incorporated strong and dead verb lessons to help improve student writing.  My students really enjoyed the Dead Verb Funeral and tried dilligently to avoid use dead verbs in their writing.

Vocabulary Day

 One of our Vocabulary Days.



Burying the verbs.



I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with the Smart board, Mimio and Mimio Pad, and the ipod Touch.  I feel that integrating technology and teaching students skills they need for the 21st century is something that needs to happen whenever possible.  Technology is an avenue of learning that this generation of learners relates with.   I use technology because I have seen dramastic improvement in excitement for academics and classroom behavior.  




I enjoy teaching reading through poetry, readers' theaters, as well as the Bad Wolf Press Musicals. I have found that these forms of reading make reading enjoyable and lively for struggling readers.

It's exciting to see struggling readers practice their lines and get excited for poetry recitals, musicals, plays, and readers' theatres.



I look for ways to tie in my own culture, as well as others, in everyday lessons and units. 

During this lesson on Chinese New Year, I had the chance to bring in an actual lion dancing costume.  I have found that children learn best when they have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the topic and discover for themselves in a hands-on approach.



Sometimes you just need to have fun in the classroom. I feel that students need to learn sportsmanship and be given opportunities to compete in areas of academics.  My Academic Olympics give students a chance to participate in academic related competitions and provide opportunities for fun academic learning.



As a teacher I am constantly learning and on the look-out for new resources and tools to enhance student learning. is a site I recenly learned about through my iPod technology class.  I enjoy learning about new tools and look for ways to incorporate what I learn into my classroom.  Further information regarding my technology enhancement development can be found at my working technology portofolio:

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